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How our DVDs are manufactured...

There are 2 processes we employ for mass producing the DVD titles we offer.

DVD Replication units in California (Korean War, WW1, WW2, Govt. DVDs).Process 1: DVD Replication through glass mastering and disc stamping:

World War 1, World War 2, The Korean War, and United States GovernmentThis process is used to make most DVD movies you buy or rent.  The playing surface (opposite the label side) of the disc is silver. 

This Great Depression / New Deal DVD is also factory replicated.We use this highest quality replication process for the following DVDs: The Great Depression and FDR's New Deal, The Korean War, World War I, World War II, and United States Government: Origin, Structure, and Intent.

Advantage:  Replicated DVDs of this type are the most compatible with DVD players, old and new. 

Disadvantage:  None, except for the fact that the manufacturing process is very expensive.  Our single-volume DVDs are mass produced this way, but our multiple volume sets utilize the process described below to maintain affordability.


Professional DVD-R duplicators.  A less expensive way to make The American Testimony.Process 2: Duplication through Laser Etching:

This process is much the same as "burning" DVD-R or DVD+R discs on your computer or DVD set-top recorder.  A laser beam is used to etch the digital information directly to the disc.  For professional manufacturers, high grade DVD burners are bundled in clusters and operated by special device controllers.  The playing surface (opposite the label side) is pinkish-purple. 

To keep costs low, we utilize the latest DVD-R technology for The American Testimony.We use this duplication process only for the 10-DVD American Testimony series.

Advantage:  A much less expensive way to mass produce DVDs.  (This keeps us from charging hundreds of dollars for The American Testimony.)

Disadvantage: Not compatible with many older DVD players.  If your unit was manufactured prior to 2002, check your owner's manual to ensure compatibility with DVD-R discs.

DVD playing surfaces.

In terms of picture and sound quality, both factory stamped and laser etched DVDs play identical digital video and audio formats.  In terms of durability, there is no evidence that one type of DVD lasts longer than the other, as long as both are well cared for.  All the same, the cheapest, poorest quality DVD-R and DVD+R discs can be problematic.  That is why we mass produce The American Testimony with premium, top-of-the line media.

Regardless of the process, we are committed to the highest standards of DVD manufacturing. 

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