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DVD: The Great Depression and the New Deal

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The Great Depression and FDR's New Deal  -  DVD Chapters:

  1. From Prosperity to Panic (Chapter duration: 7:48) - End of “Coolidge Prosperity” / Hoover presidency / Federal Reserve monetary contraction / Stock market crash of 1929.

  2. Hoover's Conundrum (Chapter duration: 7:26) - Bank panic / Farmer Holidays / Smoot-Hawley Tariff / Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

  3. Enter FDR (Chapter duration: 8:55) - Bonus Expeditionary Force's march on Washington / FDR’s 1932 election victory.

  4. The Brain Trust (Chapter duration: 8:05) - “Fear Itself” inaugural address / Origins of New Deal (including Soviet model for managed economy) / Bank Holiday / Fireside Chats / FDR’s team.

  5. CCC, AAA, TVA, etc.  (Chapter duration: 6:46) - Civilian Conservation Corps / Outlawing private gold ownership / Agricultural Adjustment Act / Federal Emergency Relief Act / Tennessee Valley Authority.

  6. Railroading Free Enterprise (Chapter duration: 8:27) - Creation of the FDIC / National Industrial Recovery Act / NRA codes / Public Works Administration / Dust Bowl / National Labor Relations Board.

  7. Broader Executive Power (Chapter duration: 10:39) - Second New Deal / Relief Appropriations Act / Works Progress Administration / Supreme Court rulings against the NRA and AAA / National Labor Relations Act / Soil Conservation and Preservation Act / Election of 1936 / Turmoil in Europe.

  8. For the Unions, Against the Court (Chapter duration: 5:47) - Union strikes / FDR’s court reform plan (thwarted by Congress).

  9. Government as Caretaker (Chapter duration: 10:14) - Japanese invasion of China / Agricultural Adjustment Act / Fair Labor Standards Act / Nazi drive through Europe / Implementation of peacetime US military draft.

  10. The Fortunes of War (Chapter duration: 7:02) - FDR’s 3rd-term election / Lend-Lease Act / US entry into World War II.

  11. The Enduring Legacy (Chapter duration: 6:00) - Payroll tax withholding / Social Security’s long-term consequences / Welfare mentality.

  12. End Credits (Chapter duration: 0:55)

NOTE:  This program also contains English Subtitles, which can either be switched on through the Setup Menu, or by pressing the Subtitles button on your DVD player's remote control. 

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