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Viewer and Teaching Guides for All DVD Programs

These are rudimentary guides to enable school teachers and home educators to better incorporate our video programs into U.S. History lesson plans.  Running lengths and content descriptions are provided for each DVD chapter.

Select from the titles below and when the information comes up, simply print the document.


Discovery and Colonization (1490 - 1763)

Independence (1763 - 1787)

The New Nation and Its Constitution (1787 - 1824)

Westward Expansion and the Roots of Sectionalism (1824 - 1850)

Secession, Civil War, and Reconstruction (1850 - 1877)

The Empire Years (1877 - 1912)

Collectivism and the First World War (1912 - 1928)

The New Deal Autocracy and World War 2 (1928 - 1945)

Cold War America (1945 - 1968)

The Polarized Nation (1968 - 2006)

INDIVIDUAL TITLES (Some of the movies in the selection below may no longer be available in our store):

The Great Depression and FDRs New Deal

World War I

World War II

The Korean War 

United States Government: Origin, Structure, and Intent


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