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Origins of the Threat from North Korea

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  1. The Strategic Peninsula (Chapter duration: 16:41) Brief history of Korea  /  The rise of Syngman Rhee and Kim Il-sung  /  The post-World War II custodianship of North Korea by the Soviet Union and South Korea by the United States  /  Emerging fears of global communism following Mao Tse-tung's overthrow of China  /  Establishment of a democratic government under Syngman Rhee in South Korea, and the installation of a Soviet puppet-government under Kim Il-sung in North Korea  /  President Truman's decision to withdraw U.S. defensive forces from South Korea  /  Secretary of State Acheson's omission of South Korea as an Asian-Pacific country the U.S. would be willing to protect.

  2. Repelling the Invaders (Chapter duration: 15:28) Communist North Korea's invasion of democratic South Korea  /  Evacuation of Syngman Rhee's government from Seoul  /  U.S. deployment of Task Force Smith, and its defeat at the Battle of Osan  /  The commissioning of Gen. Douglas MacArthur to lead U.S. and allied forces in Korea  /  Gen. Walton Walker's defense of the Pusan perimeter in southeast Korea  /  Operation Chromite:  Gen. MacArthur's successful invasion of Inchon  /  U.S. breakout at Pusan  /  Liberation and reestablishment of Rhee's government in Seoul  /  Flight of surviving North Korean forces across the Manchurian (China) border  /  White House refusal to allow U.S. forces to destroy enemy sanctuary in Manchuria  /  Wake Island meeting between President Truman and General MacArthur.

  3. China Attacks (Chapter duration: 15:29) U.S. occupation of North Korean capital of Pyongyang  /  Sinuiju bombing and first aerial dogfight by jet aircraft  /  Communist China's invasion of Korea  /  Issuance of White House restrictions against U.S. counterattacks across the Manchurian border  /  Communist siege of trapped U.S. Marines at the Chosin Reservior  /  Second fall of Seoul to the communists  /  U.S. retreat to Pusan perimeter  /  Death of Gen. Walker, and his replacement by Gen. Matthew Ridgway  /  China's failed Imjin River attack, and the renewed U.S. drive through Korea  /  Operation Thunderbolt: driving communists behind the Han river.

  4. Change of Command (Chapter duration: 11:21) Allied defeat at the Battle of Chipyong-ni  /  U.S. blockade of Wonson harbor  /  Operation Ripper: the retaking of Seoul by U.S. forces  /  Operation Tomahawk: U.S. victory at Uijongbu, completing the second liberation of South Korea  /  Gen. MacArthur's questioning of White House "limited war" policy  /  President Truman's controversial firing of MacArthur  /  MacArthur's delivery of "Old Soldier's" address to Congress.

  5. Stalemate (Chapter duration: 26:01) Promotion of Gen. Ridgway to U.S. and allied command  /  Failed communist attempt to retake Seoul  /  Operation Strangle: sustained U.S. bombing of communist forces near the 38th parallel  /  U.S. Marine victory at the Battle of the Punchbowl  /  Operation Piledriver:  U.S. offensive against the "Iron Triangle" region of North Korea  /  Failure of initial peace negotiations between U.S. and communist forces  /  Operation Strangle: heavy bombing of North Korean capital of Pyongyang  /  U.S. victory at the Battle of Bloody Ridge  /  Renewed peace talks at Panmunjon  /  Gen. Ridgway's appointment to NATO, and his replacement in Korea by Gen. Mark Clark  /  Renewed U.S. bombings of key North Korean targets  /  U.S. victories at the Hook and Heartbreak Ridge  /  Election of Dwight Eisenhower to American presidency  /  North Korea's loss of Soviet support after death of Joseph Stalin  /  Replacement of Gen. Clark by Maxwell Taylor  /  Renewed U.S. offensives at "Old Baldy" mountain and Pork Chop Hill  /  Operation Little Switch: goodwill prisoner of war exchanges  /  Combined U.S.-Australian victory at the Battle of Samichon Valley  /  Signing of armistice agreement, ending the military conflict  /  Operation Big Switch: final prisoner of war exchange  /  Summary of the fifty-year period following the armistice.

NOTE:  By using the SKIP FORWARD button on your DVD remote, you can advance to the beginning of each chapter.  Or, specific segments can be selected using the Chapters Menu of the DVD.  

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