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The American Testimony: Complete 10-DVD Series
The American Testimony: 2 sets of 5 DVDs each
An expanse of American history from 1492 to 2006 with captivating visuals over an academically rich narrative.  Accept no substitute.  The American Testimony is second to none in terms of scope and insightfulness.  (Homeschool educators needing to play these movies in segmented, lesson-by-lesson fashion can synchronize their curriculum materials to The American Testimony with the use of segment guides found here:  DVD CHAPTER GUIDES.)

DVD Set 1 covers 1492 to 1877, while DVD Set 2 covers 1877 through 2006.
 Total time approximately 19 hours.  NTSC - All region DVD-R discs.  Aspect Ratio 1.33:1.  



(NOTE: You always get the best bargain by purchasing The American Testimony here as a complete series.  However, we understand that some people may prefer to order DVD Set 1 or DVD Set 2 individually.  As an option, those wishing to obtain separate sets of  the series can do so for $39.99 per each 5-DVD set by ordering here: INDIVIDUAL DVD SETS.

The Great Depression and FDR's New Deal - DVD
The Great Depression DVD Documentary
Despite the brief historical overview of this subject in The American Testimony, the truly essential economic lesson could only be explained through this in-depth documentary. As the most extensively-researched, definitive story of the origins of the Great Depression and the effects of the New Deal policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, this movie--for the first time--reveals the Federal Reserve's role in triggering the Wall Street crash of 1929.  Filled with eye-popping footage of life during the Roaring Twenties, the Depression-era Thirties, and the onset of World War II, this bluntly honest film cuts through obsolete public school mythology and politically-driven propaganda to provide an objective, accurate assessment of the events that unfolded.  (More details on what's covered in this movie can be found here: FDR DVD CHAPTERS.)

We have uploaded the first 5 minutes of this movie on YouTube.  To see it, CLICK HERE.

Release year: 2010. Running time: 88 minutes. NTSC - All-region DVD. 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio. Optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired.  From Solo Warrior Films.


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