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This company was created in 1996 as an educational outreach.  

Apart from the video items on the Store pages of this website, all educational works presented here at history2u.com continue to be, as they always have been, free, non-commercial, not-for-profit, classroom teaching tools.  We do not charge for fair use of these learning aids, and only request that you respect and comply with all copyright laws that apply to the originally-authored works presented herein. 

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Customer Service

Transaction processing through PayPalTo better serve you, we have partnered with PayPal for the worry-free handling of payment transactions for orders from our store.  Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can always use your credit or debit card as a PayPal guest.  It's a convenient and secure way to make online purchases.

If you have an issue to bring to our attention, the most efficient way to reach us is through e-mail.  The address is listed further down on this page.

UPON ORDERING PRODUCTS FROM OUR STORE, YOU SHOULD RECEIVE AN E-MAIL FROM PAYPAL WITH DETAILS OF THE TRANSACTION.   From there, follow-up e-mails, if necessary, may be sent from here at EduMedia/History2u. 

For Those Living Outside the U.S.:

Once your order leaves the United States, the package is subject to the quality of delivery service of the destined country.  If you have encountered problems receiving packages from the U.S. in the past, you might not want to risk it.  We reserve the right to cancel international orders. 

Product Guarantee and Return Policy:

We will cheerfully replace any defective item within 90 days of purchase.  If you are having problems, please try using the problematic media item in a different device. to determine if the item itself is defective, or if there are simply compatibility issues with the device on which you're using it.  

Once you have confirmed the problem is with the merchandise, simply mail it back within 90 days of purchase for a replacement.  Just include your address and a brief description of the problem.  Our address is at the bottom of the page.

Contacting Us:

We keep low overhead, and don't have people constantly manning the phones.  It is, therefore, best to contact us by e-mail.  If you really need to talk to a live person, the best time to call is Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm (Central Time Zone). If you get a voice message, be sure to include your name, phone number, and a brief description of your situation.

e-mail: service@history2u.com / phone: (281) 756-7510


(Not affiliated with other similarly-named companies based outside of Texas)


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