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The following is for owners of the DVD Edition of THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY. 

Collectivism and the First World War (1912-1928)


1.        MR. WILSON AND “COLONEL” HOUSE (21 minutes, 6 seconds).  Covers the advent of automobile production, the sinking of the Titanic, the ideological development of Woodrow Wilson, the president’s endorsement of the Marxist policies of personal aide Edward Mandell House, the implementation of such collectivist government edicts as the graduated income tax and the central banking monopoly, passage of stricter antitrust legislation, the federal takeover of interstate commerce, Wilson’s racial segregation of the federal government, Marcus Garvey’s “back to Africa” movement, the death of the first lady, and the president’s quick remarriage.

2.        THE GROWING INTERNATIONAL CRISIS (22 minutes, 3 seconds).  Encompasses  President Wilson’s interference in Mexican affairs, the opening of the Panama Canal, the assassinations of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Austria’s declaration of war on Serbia, Germany’s declarations of war on Russia and France, the German invasion of Belgium, England’s declaration of war on Germany, Wilson’s proclamation of American neutrality, the German sinking of the British passenger ship Lusitania, Poncho Villa’s raids on US border towns, Wilson’s dispatch of troops to Mexico,  the scandal of the Zimmermann telegram (in which Germany sought and alliance with Mexico to battle the US), the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, and the US declaration of war on Germany.

3.        UNRESTRAINED AUTHORITY (14 minutes, 13 seconds).  Examines the roots of Bolshevism, then provides a chronology of these events: the Wilson administration's elevation of income tax rates, the implementation of the military draft, the government takeover (through the Lever Act) of food and fuel production, the arrival of American troops in France, the government takeover of domestic arms manufacturing,  Lenin’s rise to power in Russia, the Russian Communist peace treaty with Germany, the legislation to prohibit liquor, Woodrow Wilson’s issuance of his Fourteen Points, legislation to grant women the right to vote, and the executive branch’s takeover of federal agencies during wartime (through the Overman Act).

4.         THE “GREAT WAR” AND ITS AFTERMATH   (24 minutes, 15 seconds).  This segment provides a brief chronology of America’s actions in World War I, including the invasions of Murmansk and Archangel in Russia, the numerous battles to drive the Germans out of France, the exploits of Alvin York and Eddie Rickenbacker, the collapse of the Central Powers countries, and the Armistice ending the war.  Thereafter, pertinent details are presented on the ill-conceived Treaty of Versailles, the economic decimation of Germany, the haphazard redrawing of national boundaries in Central Europe,  the massacre of the Russian royal family, the Bolshevik-inspired labor and race riots in the US, Woodrow Wilson’s battle against Congress for US admission in the League of Nations, and the White House cover-up of the president’s near-fatal stroke.

5.        RETURN TO NORMALCY  (25 minutes, 50 seconds).  Covers the onset of monetary inflation, the Marxist agitation over the Sacco and Vanzetti murder case, the election of Warren G. Harding, the policies that restored economic normalcy, the Washington disarmament conference,  the economic boom and enhanced quality of life (electricity and plumbing in homes), the Teapot Dome Affair, the death of President Harding, the enactment of the Dawes Plan to aid bankrupt Germany, the Soviet rise of Joseph Stalin, the model presidency of Calvin Coolidge, and the “roaring twenties” era of prosperity. The segment concludes with the Scopes Monkey Trial, Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic, the signing of the Kellogg-Briand Pact, and the fruits of “Coolidge Prosperity.”


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