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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana, 20th century essayist and philosopher.


Know your country!




The American Testimony

United States History from the 1490s to current times.The American Testimony DVD Edition: 10 DVD-R discs


Academically-rich and geared toward students (high school / college level), history enthusiasts, and patriotic citizens, these 10 U.S. History DVDs (in 2 sets of 5 DVDs each) bring America's complete story into perspective.  More that just a classroom or homeschool audiovisual tool, this series is an excellent American History refresher course for those who have long been out of school.  DVD Set 1 covers 1492 to 1877, while DVD Set 2 covers 1877 through 2006.  (For a more complete breakdown on the content of each disc, check out the DVD chapter guides.)


These are NOT boring classroom lecture videos!  They are visually-rich documentaries that use newsreel video and motion picture footage, archival photographs, illustrations of antiquity, and filmed reenactments to bring history to life.  (View some Sample Video Clips from the series to get an idea of how the story is told.)


To keep these sets affordable, we utilized the latest, most efficient DVD-Recorded technology for mass duplication.  For this reason, these DVDs are best viewed on players manufactured after 2002.  (To learn more about the differences between traditional DVD replication and new DVD-R duplication, select our DVD tech page.)


No other American history video series comes close to this one.  The American Testimony is second to none in terms of scope and insightfulness. 


(Want to know more about the worldview behind the telling of history in The American Testimony?  Read: History...from Whose Perspective?  





We have uploaded the first 5 minutes of this movie on YouTube.  Watch it here.


The crucial lessons of the past.  The keys to our economic future.  Will we get the message in time to avoid an unnecessary repeat of history?


The Great Depression and FDR's New DealWe’ve all heard the public school rendition: the Great Depression was caused by greedy capitalists and remedied by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal government policies. Right?  Well, if that’s what you learned, then everything you know about the subject is wrong.

The Great Depression was a time of hardship and difficulty, and yet it should never have happened. Economic crises had come and gone, but none had ever been as long-enduring, severe, or broad in scope as the one that engulfed the US and other nations during the 1930s and beyond. For years, blame was attributed to stock market over-speculation, industrial over-production, and private money hoarding; but were those the true culprits? Furthermore, is there any credence to the prevailing belief that the crisis was resolved through strong government intervention?

Grounded in exhaustive research, this movie is the first of its kind to reveal the Federal Reserve’s role in triggering the Wall Street crash of 1929. The program also takes an objective, unsentimental look at how President Roosevelt’s New Deal policies--intended to alleviate the Great Depression--actually prolonged miseries for all but a few beneficiaries. It’s an eye-opener that provides a valuable warning for Americans at this very time.


Running time: 1 hour, 28 minutes.  Production date: 2010.  Aspect ratio: 16:9 (best configuration for widescreen TVs).  English subtitles for the hearing impaired.  All-region NTSC DVD.


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Military history DVDs: WWI, WWII, Korean WarYou could sit through hours of History Channel documentaries about World War I, yet never grasp the big picture.  You could hear scores of personal anecdotes in a Ken Burns miniseries on World War II, but not learn much about the conflict itself.  It does not require weeks of TV viewing to gain an understanding of key events in our history.  What it takes is a series of well-crafted documentaries that don't get bogged down in unimportant details or irrelevant side-stories. 

The military history movies offered here provide complete chronological overviews of the events, from each war's cause to its aftermath, with all the battles and political maneuverings in between.  Every one of these documentaries makes heavy use of motion picture footage from a variety of combat and newsreel film archives.  Concise, informative narratives never get derailed by superfluous side-commentaries.  We proudly offer the following military history DVDs, which we believe are the best of their kind:

World War I is a subject rapidly fading from our cultural memory.  Motion picture technology was in its infancy when the "Great War" erupted in 1914, and this was the first major conflict covered by battlefield cameramen.  Having spent years acquiring archival footage of this war, we digitized the images for the ultimate historical record.  The end result is an all-encompassing movie with an easy-to-follow, "blow by blow" narrative.   (Running time: 1 hour, 36 minutes.  Production date: 2004) 

World War II has been covered in countless documentaries, but only in terms of individual battles or specific aspects of the conflict.  Finally, you can learn everything you need to know about the entire war in less than 2 hours!  Through intelligent movie editing, this DVD offers the broad, battle-by-battle chronology, from origin to outcome. WHAT YOU WILL SEE: Authentic combat and newsreel footage, painstakingly re-mastered to digital video.  WHAT YOU WILL HEAR: A "cut-to-the-chase" narrative backed by dynamically enhanced location sounds with a subtle, yet inspiring score.  It's the only DVD you'll ever need on the subject.  (Running time: 2 hours.  Production date: 2004)

The Korean War was the first to demonstrate the consequences of limited, restrictive warfare.  In 1950, Russia and China tested western resolve, backing communist North Korea’s invasion of its fledgling democratic counterpart, South Korea.  As the first conflict fought under the United Nations banner, divided interests among member nations forced President Harry Truman to abandon his initial goal of outright victory in exchange for the “limited war” approach—a reversal that put the White House at odds with the leading general in the field.  Despite the controversy, there were many triumphs on the part of valiant American and allied fighters, including the unyielding stand at the Pusan perimeter, Gen. MacArthur’s brilliant Inchon invasion, and the drive to the Manchurian border.  This movie combines American battlefield footage with rarely seen North Korean and Chinese archival images.  By watching this film, you'll discover the origins of America's current problems with North Korea.  (Running time: 1 hour, 24 minutes.  Production date: 2006)

WORLD WAR I, WORLD WAR II, and THE KOREAN WAR, are manufactured at the same DVD replication factory used by many Hollywood studios.  These DVDs have the highest compatibility with DVD players old and new.

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United States Government DVDWe are constantly shocked, amused, horrified, and bewildered by many of the things we hear from politicians and media pundits discussing constitutional issues.  For anyone who wants to know what the Constitution actually says, and what America's founders intended, we offer United States Government: Origin, Structure, and Intent.  Be forewarned, this is no kiddy show.  Though only a couple of hours long, this DVD crash course is packed with essential information on the origins of our constitutional republic, the real role of each branch of government, and the Founders' intentions behind the articles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The program ends with a reflection on the consequences of loose constitutional interpretation.  If you're registered to vote, you need to arm yourself with this essential tool for American citizenship. (Running time: 1 hour, 53 minutes.  Production date: 2004.  All-region NTSC DVD.)

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is manufactured at the same DVD replication factory used by many Hollywood studios.  This offers the highest compatibility with DVD players old and new.



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Your free U.S. history textbook series is just a mouse click away.The FREE Online Text Version of THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY Is Right Here, Right Now!

Fans of the video series have asked us to publish it in written form. Well, here it is—free of charge!  The multi-volume internet text edition provides a concise history of the United States from 1492 to the present.  Thoroughly researched and loaded with archival images, this version is specially geared toward readers, and is NOT simply a transcript of the video series.

As with the DVD series, these written volumes emphasize the basic empirical facts, avoiding agenda-based revisionism.  (For more about the worldview behind the work, read History...from Whose Perspective?)

Never be clueless again about this nation's past. Know your country!





Historical documents


The Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, Monroe Doctrine, Gettysburg Address, and loads of other historical texts are readily available at the click of a mouse button.


Browse these great historical texts.





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