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The links listed below were selected solely at the discretion of history2u.com. They are listed primarily because we like them and think you will too.  We have never made reciprocal agreements to trade links with anyone, nor has anyone ever paid us to link to their pages. We do not necessarily agree with every view and opinion expressed on these websites, but we value them all the same. 

Suggest a link.With that in mind, you may suggest links to us. If you find a site that seems fitting for those who frequent history2u.com, feel free to share it with us.


Up-to-the-minute reports, relevant links, and uniquely fearless coverage makes this one of our favorite sites for news. In addition to texts of top stories, the site offers streaming video of news reports from a number of sources. Read and watch in your own time. Select reports based on your own priorities and interests.

Cybercast News Service
Yes, this is a conservative-leaning site, but it also provides consistently solid, well-researched reporting. We just want the facts, and we know we can't completely rely on the mainstream press. These guys are good at filling in the gaps.



Teaching American History
An excellent resource for historical documents, research materials, and teaching aids, among other things.

Library of Congress: American Memory Collection
An enormous repository of documents, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and drawings of historical significance.



United States Government Web
Hub for a number of government services and information sources.



Accuracy in Academia
Accuracy in Academia, a non-profit research group based in Washington, DC, wants schools to return to their traditional mission—the quest for truth. To promote this goal, AIA documents and publicizes political bias in education in Campus Report, its monthly newsletter.

Commonsense intellectual thought from writers who still believe patriotism, Judeo-Christian values, free enterprise, and constitutional conservatism are what has made America great. Regardless of your sociopolitical worldview, this is a vital forum for expanding one's understanding of the issues that face us. And hey—Thomas Sowell is a regular contributor. That's good enough for us. The wisdom of Solomon, in our opinion...


Interesting political and cultural information from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.  Uses empirical data to expose, correct, and/or dispel much of the social misinformation spewed forth by the partisan press and agenda-driven policy groups. 


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