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Better than Guns of August

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WORLD WAR I  DVD Chapters:

  1. The Beginning (Chapter duration: 27:17) – Assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand / Austria-Hungary’s war declaration against Serbia and Russia / Germany’s war declaration against Russia and France / German invasions of Belgium and France / Great Britain’s entry in the war on behalf of Belgium and France / German victories at the Frontiers, Sambre, and Mons / Russian defeat at Tannenberg / German siege of Paris / First battle of Ypres / Italian alliance with Great Britain and France / First use of German U-boats in battle / Turkey’s bombardment of Russian ports on the Black Sea / British naval attacks against Turks in the Dardanelles / British attack at Neuve-Chapelle / Second battle of Ypres / Battle of Gallipoli / U-boat attack on Lusitania / German drive into Poland / Italian clashes with Austro-Hungarians at the Isonzo River valley / Invasions of German colonies in Africa and the Pacific / Battles at Champagne and Artois / Use of toxic gas in battle.

  2. The Costly Stalemate (Chapter duration: 20:14) – French triumph at Verdun / Battles of Trentino and Jutland / Brusilov and Somme offensives / Romania’s failed invasion of Transylvania / Zimmermann telegram / British invasion of Baghdad / Abdication of Tsar Nicholas II / U.S. war declaration against Germany / Battles at Arras and Vimy Ridge / Doomed French offensive at Chemin des Dames / British victory at Messines Ridge / American arrivals in France.

  3. The Empires Fall (Chapter duration: 20:14) – “Lawrence of Arabia” / Third battle of Ypres / British advance in Flanders / Bolshevik Revolution / Battle of Cambrai / British capture of Jerusalem / Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” / Battle of Picardy / German retaking of Somme / Aerial dogfights of the “Red Baron” / Allied raid at Zeebrugge / American victories at Cantigny, Chateau-Thierry, and Belleau Wood / German retreat.

  4. Yanks (Chapter duration: 13:24) – Murder of Nicholas II / Czech prisoners’ trek / Battle of Amiens / American victory at St. Mihiel / Battle of Megiddo / Surrender of Turkey / Meuse-Argonne Offensive / British penetration of the Hindenburg Line / American victory at Sedan / Exploits of Alvin York and Eddie Rickenbacker / Hungary’s split from Austria / Births of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia / Abdication of Austrian emperor / German mutiny at Kiel / Surrenders of Austria and Hungary / Abdication of Kaiser and surrender of Germany.

  5. The Treaty of Versailles (Chapter duration: 13:39) – Versailles Conference / Remapping of Europe / German culpability / Congressional rejection of U.S. membership in the League of Nations / Collapse of German economy.

NOTE:  The time displays on most DVD players will reflect the duration of each individual chapter, not the running time of the entire movie.  Thus, your DVD time display may reset to zero at the beginning of each chapter.  This enhancement is designed to assist any educators who intend to use the DVD as a teaching aid. 


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